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Utgarde Pinnacle…on NORMAL MODE!

November 11, 2010

Alright so we all know that “leveling” can relatively stink and wind up taking way to LONG, but at least we have some “dungeons” to help ease the pain, right? Well, that can almost be said about tonight.

So Tyler (@integra) and I (@grammaton) decide that after a pretty lousy day and a normal version of “Ruby Sanctum” to go back to the “Alts of Doom” as I am calling them, because World of Warcraft “is serious business” and start running some dungeons to kind of chain together a decent evening of events. WELL THAT DID NOT GO AS PLANNED:

First off we had:
The very bad and always awesome (Death Knight). Whom, I have to say actually semi pulled his weight tonight but should have known better and not been as bad, but at least he pretended to care, but still thought because “I am the DK, I should hit a bunch of bad combination’s and win forever?” WRONG! He, tried to out tank me. Which then led to a multitude of stupid choices…onto the healer. (Druids) are usually OP(over powered) healers and should know what MotW(Mark of the Wild) is and know that if a (Paladin) *that is my alt* is tanking or in the instance, that (Blessing of Might) will be used not (Blessing of Kings). WRONG! Upon asking him he said “eventually” which meant when he got around to it.  With all this said we finally get to root of the first dungeon fight problem. (Skadi the Ruthless). This fight is usually very easy, but with a group of winners here. (Honestly we could have had a group of Pre-term babies in there and they would have done better). They decide to play “Harpoon War”. An encounter that takes no longer than three minutes MAXIMUM on normal mode. Took us over twelve. YES I SAID IT TWELVE MINUTES! So after this is all said and done we finish this instance and que for a second one.

Second Thing:
So…we have the awesome and always fun “get around to it eventually” Druid back for a second run. After about two pulls and three lines of trolling. He leaves. Good you would think for us? NOPE! We got a level 79 (Priest) who should have just flew through here and won forever. NOT A CHANCE! I had to hit: Lay on Hands and basically every other thing to stay alive because he was so bad. I mean bad. Also, we had some more of that always good dps. So, we flew through most of it until the room before the room where all the big animal guys come to life. The (Warrior) hits something and the remaining adds come and make me look like a pancake. Now I love Hotlips and her awesome tanking goodness. But seeing my little tank girl dead on the floor four, FOUR! FOUR! TIMES!! Just was not OK with me. So we get to the final boss. Those who have done this fight should know that he does that awesome STUN. Which after the second one, the healer let me die, then let the Warrior die, then Integra. So I left.

OK, done with the rant for now on that. But on to other news. We ran Molten-Core and made gold off a nifty toy in there. ICC was tonight, I did not go. I had to go to practice…yay for REAL LIFE! Well that about sums up this post.

Please tell your friends and children to check us out. Leave a comment. Thanks!

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