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“Insert Good Player Name” the Kingslayer

November 21, 2010

Yep…after only like less than a month. We did it. The WoW guys killed Arthas (Lich King). This game is completely gotten easy. Although this ICC run started Thursday night and took us only forever. I can not blame myself or Integra. It is ICC 10m normal mode. We got some members from the main guild MACABRE to come in. THANKS MARZI, MADLEN, and RED for coming in and being awesome. So here is some funny proof!

Low end gear will get you a KS with just about any player. 
It is really sad that we did this in 8 days played.

We really enjoy playing our alts and although we love our mains we do love these two toons a ton. We are sorry we have been very distant this week. We have had a ton of  RL things come up as well as just other things. I am promising you though we will be doing the UI updates tomorrow and Monday. I also will be doing some other things. CAT IS ONLY 2 WEEKS AWAY!!!!!!!!!! I AM HAPPY!! So, in all honesty. The bad’s just keep coming. More and more I find myself though with the DK’s being the bad ones. I DO NOT GET IT! Whatever, anyways! OK good night.


– Hotlips the Kingslayer

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