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The Previous Week in WoW, Its the holiday and we dont have…

November 23, 2010

Cata yet so us here @wow guys are getting kind of “burned out” on leveling random classes, bad players, and killing Arthas. I mean there is honestly so much one guy can handle and Killing him OVER, OVER, OVER, OVER and OVER again is only so enjoyable. I mean sure the Valk’s coming down and sending you into crazy town and the fact he hits for Lots-o-Damage. Is just not good enough for me anymore. Maybe if Macabre pushed for 25m Light of Dawn Integra would have something to look forward to other than spending all of him and his girl’s money on Joey’s (best food in life). OK, I admit it I am just kind of rambling. I mean I look @Bethany over her blog and she is telling all these cool stories. WE HAVE NO COOL STORIES OUTSIDE OF MAYBE THIS:

OK, so this is just completely sad. 1. Madlen is one of our healers in Macabre and she is pretty much geared to the point of “I only need my cloak, but that is because I want all 277”, that is not the point of this though. She OUT DID THE DRUID IN DAMAGE!!!!!!!!!! AND SHE WAS IN HEALING SPEC, GEAR, and OVERALL GOOD! 2. Integra and I have had this war about “Threat” ever since I started playing my Paladin and well he keeps saying “I will pull, I will pull” and most of the time it ends with “G D JON, I cant pull threat” and so then he did the other day on his pally with his 277’s and such and I was on my cute little 251-232-264 Pally and I BOPPED him 🙂 *evil snickers* So then we decided to get on our mains and have it out. As you can see our “over geared and over played” guys are Neck n Neck. It was a very entertaining event.

So, the point of that is – Good players are really good, because if I can hold threat on him and on Marzi (he has shadowmourne…not battered hilt) and is better than Integra HA HA! Then I am pretty sure some of these bads just should not play.

In other news. Shattering happens today. I am excited something new. Ok, I am done for now. I have to work and make some food. Talk to ya guys soon.

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