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Holy Post Batman!

January 11, 2011

So, we are kind of bad. No real bad. We have neglected you for over two months almost. SO SORRY! But, we have been kind of busy as of late. Blizzard has been busy giving us all kinds of interesting things to do. Well not really. After about three weeks this game became very stale. We however are now progressing through raids and doing that thing. Outside of that, it is very easy and kind of boring. Do not let it get you down! THE BADS STILL ARE AROUND!..actually are in bigger fashion. Now since Cata is here, we have to actually play some of the dungeons with half a brain and weed out the “wrath player”. To bad, that most of the time those people are going to surface regardless. Oh well right? Nope, just means we will have a larger aspect of enjoyment to share.

Now, onto this new expansion. Gearing up has been a semi chore. It also is very interesting because if you are not a tank or a healer you have to wait that dreaded 50min Que or pay someone 100g to get into a Heroic. It is kind of rough right now. HA! Well not really, just grind your rep and get your faction gear. Anyways, with that being said. People…keep your eyes peeled for updates again. Take care – Gram

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