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First of all, hello!

OK, now that we have said that, time to start. Welcome to “Wow this game is hard”. A blog and web home for anything and everything related to “World of Warcraft”. Before we get into a little bit about ourselves, we want to explain this website. Here we go:

1. Proper Explination of Classes, Characters, and ways to play them.
2. Ramblings of the “bads” of the game and why they are “bad”.
3. Proper ways to “troll”, “win the game forever”, and just be all around “cool”.
4. Daily blog updates about the game as we see it.
5. Proper Add-ons, Screen Set Up, Comupter Specs.
6. Links to current updates and news.

So, with that said we will now explain a bit of who we are. We are like you two young guys who enjoy the game, but more importantly like being good at the game. We started off as college friends who met by a complete random act of stupidity and have remained friends since.  We wanted to have this website at first to just really make fun of the fact we have bad players, stupid players, and just all around “bads”. But found that this is just to exciting to not share all the other aspects of the game.

Other than that, we will just have to wait and see what else we can explain. But for now that is all. We will see you in game!…and hope you aren’t bad!

–  WoW Guys

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